Café Gourmand 7,50 euros
Cheese Tome Des Hautes Alpes and Blueberry Jam 6,00 euros
Fresh/Cottage Cheese  
    with Honey 6,00 euros
    with Blueberry Jam 6,00 euros
    with Rasberry Sauce 6,00 euros
Home Made Dessert  
    Dessert of the Day 6,80 euros
    Chocolate Mousse 6,50 euros
    Rapsberry Mousse Bavarois 6,80 euros
    "Valentine" with Chestnuts (Cake, chestnuts cream, vanilla ice-cream and whiped cream) 7,50 euros
Alcoholic Desserts  
    Colonel (Lemon sorbet & Vodka) 7,50 euros
    Vauban (Blackcurrant sorbet & Génépi) 7,50 euros
    Framboisine (Rapsberry sorbet & Champagne) 7,50 euros
    Brianconnaise (Génépi Ice Cream & Génépi) 7,50 euros
Originals Ice Cream  
    Cascade de Glace (Vanilla Ice Cream, Salted Butter Toffee, Meringue, Toffee Sauce and Chantilly) 7,80 euros
    Rouge Baiser (Vanilla ice cream, rapsberry icecream, rapsberry coulis, fruits and chantilly) 7,80 euros
    Etoile des Neiges (vanilla ice cream and speculoos, coffee expresso, whipped cream and speculoos) 7,80 euros
Ice Cream  
    Iceberg (2 iced Mint-Chocolate, chocolate sauce, mint & chantilly) 6,90 euros
    Chocolat Liegeois (Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream, chocolate and whipped cream 6,90 euros
    1 flavour of your choice 3,00 euros
    2 flavours of your choice 4,00 euros
    3 flavours of your choice 5,00 euros
    More Chantilly 0,80 euros
Flavours : Mint-Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate, Nougat, Nuts, Coffee, Pear, Coconut, Raspberry, Lemon, Passion, Blackcurrant.  

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