Regional Products :  
Paté "Caillette" with tomato and basilic coulis 16,50 euros
Leg of Lamb with sauce 18,50 euros
Duck :  
   Confit of Duck 16,50 euros
   Duck breast with Orange sauce 18,50 euros
Beef :  
Rumsteak with "Herbes de Provence" 16,50 euros
Beef fillet with "Herbes de Provences" 20,00 euros
Beef fillet with Peppers 22,00 euros
Beef fillet with Morel Mushrooms 24,50 euros
Fish :  
Cod (Cabillaud) fillet and citrus sauce 17,50 euros
Burger du Valentin : 16,50 euros
Bun, Mashed Charolais Beef (150 gr), tomatoes, green salad, burger sauce, raclette cheese, served with fries  
All our dishes are served with the following choice of side-orders :
French Fries or Potatoes "Gratin Dauphinois" or selection of Vegetables


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